Saving the planet, one bag at a time. 

We have hemp wallets, coin purses, bags and purses of all shapes, sizes and colors! Here are a few of our favorites. 


Hempmania has created an extensive line of high quality, earth-friendly hemp products including bags, backpacks and wallets. They focus on creating the line in a socially responsible way in adherence to fair-trade practices and principles. All of their accessories are manufactured in the highlands of Guatemala by an indigenous Mayan family business.

Hempmania's mission is to promote the use of hemp as an eco-friendly renewable material for hand bags and accessories. It is their hope that by offering hemp as an eco-friendly alternative, they can make a difference in protecting the future of our planet.



We love the Datsusara line- pick any of their bags up and you'll immediately know that they're made to last! This is quality hemp at its best. 

Datsusara's Mission: To create the best sustainable products for responsible individuals seeking truth.

Datsusara, a small Portland-based family company, strives to create things to last the test of time. They work with natural, sustainable, materials like hemp and organic cotton. They use recycled and/or synthetic materials only when they are critical to a product's lifecycle or function.

They abhor compulsive consumerism, planned obsolescence, manipulative advertising, and wage slavery. 

They encourage all individuals to live a liberated, fulfilling life in accord with our natural environment.