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Will I get high?
The amount of THC in the products sold at Hemp it UP is insufficient to cause a psychoactive effect. In plain language, you can't get high from hemp!

What about drug testing?
Those subject to drug screening at work or in their physician’s office should consider carefully before using a full spectrum product because, though the amount of THC in these products is too small to be perceived, it could conceivably trigger a positive drug screen. To those subject to drug screening, we recommend a CBD isolate product.

So many products! How do I choose?
Though it appears we have a great many products, it is helpful to think of them in one of the three categories: full-spectrum extracts, CBD isolate formulations, and full-spectrum extracts which are THC free.

Can you tell me more about Full-Spectrum vs CBD Isolate products?

Full-spectrum extracts contain all of the 400+ phytochemicals produced by the plants. Taking full-spectrum extracts produces the “Entourage Effect”, which describes improved benefits of CBD when it is taken in conjunction with all of the compounds that occur with it naturally.

CBD isolate formulations contain just a single compound produced by the plant: CBD or “cannabidiol”. CBD alone helps many people with anxiety, pain and more, but for most people, a full-spectrum extract is even more effective.

How do I make sense of the different delivery methods?
There are three main ways to get these hemp extracts into the body. They are listed here in order of the speed of absorption, starting from the quickest: inhaled, transdermal and digested.

  1. Inhaled forms include PG-free vape liquids, dab wax, and dried hemp flower. It is hard to dose with precision when inhaling, but these forms are great for responding quickly to the onset of symptoms such as migraines and other headaches, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, or insomnia. Many people choose to take hemp extracts regularly and, in such cases, speed of delivery becomes unimportant because cannabinoids do accumulate in the body’s tissues. Some take their regular servings and use an inhaled form as a backup for more severe or sudden symptoms. Accumulated cannabinoids do dissipate over a matter of days, or weeks, in cases where a person has taken larger servings.

  2. Transdermal forms include oils or sprays that are taken under the tongue, suppositories, patches and topical preparations. This is the second fastest delivery method. Dosing is precise and, with the exception of the capsules, can be adjusted in small increments. The ability to fine tune the serving size helps to prevent taking more - and spending more -than you need to.

  3. Digested forms include capsules and edibles such as gummies, hard candies, chocolates, infused water, and more. This is the slowest method of delivery and some studies suggest that digested hemp extracts may be less bioavailable, requiring a larger dose to get the same effect. Many people enjoy the ease and convenience of a digested preparation.