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Edible CBD

Edibles are convenient, discreet and delicious, and include gummies, chocolates, infused water and capsules.  Going through the digestive system, edible products are the slowest to reach the bloodstream.  Most people who use CBD and full-spectrum hemp extracts take them regularly, which allows the body to build up a reserve, making speed of delivery unimportant.

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Inhaled CBD

Inhaled products offer the quickest route to the bloodstream.  The simplest and least expensive among these is dried hemp flower, which can smoked or vaporized.  Very popular are our lines of vape liquids, which come in tasty flavors - or unflavored for those who prefer it.  We also offer a dab wax, which requires a dab rig.  Because of the very rapid delivery to the bloodstream, inhaled forms are great for responding to the onset of symptoms such as anxiety, restless leg, and migraines.  


Hemp Flower

Hemp flower is the source of all products in our CBD line. Over 400 phytochemical (compounds made by plants) exist in these marvelous buds, including over 100 cannabinoids, and various terpenes and flavonoids.  This flower can be smoked in the traditional way, but it could also be vaporized with a specialized unit for dry flower or used in recipes for brownies, sauces, butters.  Your culinary imagination and the internet are your only limits.  The THC level in our flower is below the legal limit of 0.3%, so you won't get high using this product.  We even have strains grown right here in New York!  

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Sub-lingual Oils

Dropping oils under the tongue offers relatively quick absorption because the liquid is absorbed through tiny capillaries as it is held in the mouth. The remainder is swallowed and digested. These oils enable adjusting serving size in small and precise increments, which is helpful, especially in the early stages of use as one discovers one's own response and dosing needs. We have oils of different flavors and an unflavored variety.  They come as full-spectrum, CBD isolate, and THC-free full-spectrum products.  

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Transdermal CBD

Transdermal products are absorbed directly through the skin or mucous membranes.  Oils dropped under the tongue are the most common route of delivery of CBD and full-spectrum hemp extracts. Extremely popular are topical creams and ointments for pain and skin conditions.  The transdermal category includes patches that adhere to the skin and suppositories which are used for dysmenorrhea or hemorrhoids.
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CBD For Pets

All mammals have an endo-cannabinoid system, which produces substances nearly identical to those produced by the hemp plant.  Translation?  Your furry friends have as much to gain as you do from taking supplemental CBD.  Our customers report great results for the aging pets with pain and mobility issues and for the pets of all ages who suffer from anxiety.  

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Hemp Goods

Ethically Sourced, Unbelievably Comfortable

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Sustainable Clothing

Whether its our 100% organic hemp socks, our trendy T's or a super soft scarf, you'll not only look great, but have the satisfaction of knowing that you've chosen a product that saves the earth twice.  First, in production, these products are easy on the soil, as hemp requires little water and virtually no pesticides or herbicides.  Second, they will last and last, as hemp is among the world's strongest natural fibers. 

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Our wallets, backpacks, computer bags, fanny packs and utility packs will set you apart with their unique and natural style.  Made from 100% hemp fabric, these products are tough as nails, water resistant and anti-microbial.  They come in a variety of colors and styles to suit all tastes.

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Our bath and beauty products are based on hemp seed oil.  This oil is made by pressing the seeds of the hemp plant, much the way olive oil is made by pressing olives.  This edible oil is 

extremely high in essential fatty acids, can be used for fuel, and it makes a marvelous base for our selection of bath and beauty products.  Come on in and try our samplers.  We hear the "Ooooos and AHs" daily as our customers get a whiff of the divine fragrances.

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Pet Products

From styles collars and leashes, to organic rope chews, your pet will have bragging rights as the most earth-conscious pooch at the park.


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Gift Ideas

Looking for a gift that has meaning and value beyond its utility?  A gift the says I care about you AND about the planet and its inhabitants?  Visit Hemp it UP, browse our selection and chat with our knowledgeable staff.  We'll help you find a gift that resonates.

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Fine Papers

The first paper made was produced from hemp over 2,000 years ago.  Our selection of fine, unbleached hemp writing paper, notebooks, watercolor paper and greeting cards not only look great, they have a small carbon footprint when compared with paper products produced using wood pulp. Trees mature in 50-100 years, while hemp grows from seed to maturity in just 100 days and produces 4x more pulp per acre than trees!  If you have something worth putting on paper, it's worth recording it on the paper of the future (and the past).

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